Taste the treasure!

This is what Oro Moreno (Brown Gold), a trademark success, invites us all to do with one of Panama’s hidden treasure: cacao.
Everybody knows how good Panamanian coffee is (and soon we will have another story on our coffee!), but the cacao of Panama has remained ‘hidden’ in a sense.

Until Yoshiris Peña from Oro Moreno appeared with her passion for chocolate and entrepreneurship, 100% of the Panamanian cacao went straight to export.

Oro Moreno is the first business that refines Panamanian cacao IN Panama. But the story doesn’t end there. They also produce stunning gourmet chocolate bonbons with surprising and delicious fillings that truly make us experience tropical Panama inside our mouths.

Maria Gilma Arrocha, our director at AROC, frequently gives conferences on Intellectual Property in local venues such as the City of Knowledge, our allies through the Panama Business Accelerator. In one of these conferences, Yoshiris learned the importance of protecting her IDEA and starting her entrepreneurship with the right foot by creating a trademark.

Time has passed since we registered Oro Moreno as a trademark and it’s success is growing little by little. We were also able to help Yoshiris in contacting her with the very talented designer Annie Pereda through our Creativity Network. So Annie created all the branding for this tasty project.
At AROC we love intellectual property and to protect IDEAS and advise our entrepreneurs on the importance of reserving their intellectual assets in order to secure, from the legal perspective, a structured growth of their business, and to prevent as much as possible any difficulties with third parties who may take an advantage of an uninformed entrepreneur.

In a globalized world where IDEAS travel at the speed of light, starting your entrepreneurship with the right foot on the legal side saves you a lot of future distress and resources!

Author of the article: Kat Yurchenko