This week at AROC we want to share with you some interesting information about PANAMA – the beautiful country where we are located.

Panama is a small country with enormous business potential, located in Central America between Costa Rica and Colombia. We are currently the second best economy in Latin America and since the creation of our country became the hub of Americas with the construction of the Panama Canal in 1914.

Historically a place of transit:

-       For the time of the Colony, gold was transfer from Peru to Panama to Spain

-       In the Gold Fever era in San Francisco, was through the Panama Rail Road that the explorers crossed faster in our country than traveling from NYC to San Francisco

-       In the 1900’s the construction of the Panama Canal changed world commerce allowing merchandise to cross America faster, shaper and easier

-       In the XXI century Panama is a Hub for Airlines, International Organizations, Multinational Companies and of course Intellectual Property

An interesting fact about Trademarks, Patents and CopyRights in Panama is that as we host the second biggest free trade zone: the Colón Free Trade Zone, our Custom Authority has digitalized the system for monitoring the containers that go through our country, that are more than 12 millions from 80 countries.

The digitalized system of the Custom Authority is connected with the Intellectual Property Offices of Trademarks, Patents and CopyRights for what the enforcement of these rights is easier to apply with this new digital tool of control of infringement.

With the Panama Canal, the Colón Free Trade Zone, the ports in Pacific and Atlantic oceans and international airports, Panama has also established itself as a regional Hub of Commerce, for what we truly recommend having strategic Intellectual or Industrial Property Registrations in our booming and central economy.

Panama is a stable country which legal system is the Civil Law. We are signatory of the main international treaties and belong the most important international organizations.

From the business and corporate perspective, Panama has many other advantages as well for you or your clients to explore:

-       A territorial taxation system where only those transactions performed within the territory of Panama are subject to tax, the rest of them being considered as offshore activities.

-  Special business zones as the Colón Free Trade Zone and Panamá Pacífico, which feature special taxation rules that benefit business development.

-     An important international banking centre.

-     Special immigration categories for businessmen and investors.

-  Container ports in both sides of the country: the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, as well as international airports.

We wait you in Paradise to protect your Intellectual Property Assets!

Authors of the article: María Gilma Arrocha and Kat Yurchenko