The International Trademark Association (INTA) Annual Meeting of 2014 was one of our best experiences during this year that soon will come to an end. We left INTA with great memories and a lot of lessons, which we have been sharing with you in a short series of posts.

For the first time in history, INTA's Annual Meeting was held in Asia, being Hong Kong the selected place where thousands of Intellectual Property professionals from all over the world met to discuss the latest issues of our daily duties in the world of Trademarks and Patents.

Being Asia's World City, Hong Kong promises to have a strong presence in the future developments of Intellectual Property, as it's first registered trademark goes back to 1874, while INTA itself was created in 1878. Hong Kong is becoming an IP trading hub with more than 330,000 registered trademarks and a strong agenda on non-traditional trademarks.

On a different matter, we confirmed once again that the Internet has strong bonds with Intellectual Property, as a discussion on new gTLDs (generic Top-level Domains) was held during INTA 2014. Trademarks and copyrights holders of the world should follow closely these developments as they may affect them directly, especially the ICANN's coordination of the Domain Name System.

Stay tuned for more interesting info from INTA 2014!