As you may have noticed, one of the things we like the most in AROC is to protect the IDEAS of our clients. But we really, really love it when we get to protect GREAT ideas and give legal advise to such talented entrepreneurs as Rick from Jungle Treks Panama.

Rick has an amazing background and he has taken the challenge of living his dream and making a living from it with the help of the tools given by Intellectual Property.

Although Panama is a small country, it is very privileged for its economic system, geographical position and nature. This is what is Rick’s story about. Rick is a professional jungle expedition guide. Not only he was able to go through and, in some cases, create incredibly beautiful and difficult treks and trails across the Panamanian territory. He also has developed a creative business approach to what for many people is just a hobby.

Rick knows Panamanian nature as his own hand and after a lot of experience has got the knowledge to create unique trekking expeditions that take its visitors to intense trips into the jungle for many days, thus living an unforgettable experience of personal challenge, adventure and teamwork.

Designing special treks, special procedures and even special equipment for these expeditions to the deep jungle is not easy. This is the KNOWLEDGE and IDEAS that represent the most important asset of Rick’s business. When IDEAS are the biggest asset of a business, legal measures to protect it have to be taken as soon as possible, to avoid uncomfortable (and sometimes just catastrophic) situations when other people try to take advantage of that knowledge and profit from it.

We at AROC were amazed by Ricks story and enjoyed providing him with the best Intellectual Property solutions he needed right on time to stop another person from using the Jungle Treks trademark on a very similar newly opened business. Having his Trademarks and Copyrights protected and as the rightful titleholder of his Intangible Assets, Rick was able to face this situation accordingly and find a friendly way out of it, leaving Jungle Treks unharmed.

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Author of the article: Kat Yurchenko